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About DataCraft

DataCraft, Inc. was founded in 1974 and has emerged as a leader in comprehensive, technology-driven accounting services, data management, software installation, training and support for businesses in the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin area.

As a small business itself, DataCraft's team of skilled accounting and software professionals understand the process of running small and medium-size companies and all it entails. These commonplaces were significant to the development of DataCraft's Business Clarity™ service. Business Clarity is an exclusive service offered by DataCraft, that helps companies utilize their accounting software by offering free software selection guide and software analysis.

As a company dedicated to helping its clients choose the right software fit for them, DataCraft supports various accounting & business software packages including: Microsoft Dynamics GP, Open Systems OSAS, ir35 umbrella , TRAVERSE, and Quickbooks.

DataCraft has a variety of clients that range from the ultra-sophicated, high-tech-savvy consultants who struggle with accounting and production software to the small family owned business that is reluctant to jump into the world of data management especially when it comes to accounting. Their variety of services and products allows DataCraft to offer clients a unique approach to business administration and operations.