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Can QuickBooks be an ERP system?

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Intuit Solution ProviderMany people use the accounting software in QuickBooks and forget the rest.  For the most part, clients know how to use accounts receivable and accounts payable.  What is often forgotten or misused in QuickBooks?  That would be estimates, sales orders, sales reports and items (products and services you sell). 

People misunderstand the importance of using estimates (bids, grants, proposals or quotes) for follow up and profit margin tracking.  Sales people or customer service could be entering those estimates directly into QuickBooks.  Worried about your employees messing up your software?  Security controls can be established so that they can't go anywhere else in the software.  Do you know what your profit margin is per job or are you simply making journal entries and "approximating" the profit margins?  What was the estimated versus actual revenue and costs?  Can you set up your company's selling workflow in the software?  You should be able to.

Whether you sell products or services it is vital to set up items in QuickBooks.  Why?  The more detail you use for item lists the better your reports.  Questions can be answered like ... Which item is my best source of income?  Which items are my best sellers?  Product costs and labor costs should all be set up and tracked in QuickBooks.  Pricing? Set up your price levels and use those to your advantage to help control sales profit margins.

The Sales Order tool is excellent for managing partial shipments and sales order fulfillment for inventoried products and their interface to purchase orders, pick lists, and packing slips in QuickBooks.  

A full or mini ERP implementation should take full advantage of the financial and business software your company purchased.

For the above metioned QuickBooks functions, it makes a difference which QuickBooks package you have ...

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