Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions

QuickBooks ERP System

You might be wondering, is QuickBooks an ERP system?  We like to call QuickBooks Enterprise an economical, mini-ERP (enterprise resource planning)system. What if you already have QuickBooks Pro or Premier?  What are the differences for all products? What is the difference between QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise?

What is an ERP system and do I need one
If you need financial software, production software, warehouse management, inventory management, bill of materials/assemblies, time entry management, and payroll, then you are on your way to an ERP system. 

Don't need all that?  Then QuickBooks is a great economical accounting software system for small business.

  • Inventory for hundreds of thousands of items, customers and vendors.
  • Mult-level billing for service fees and levels, phased billing, mark ups, etc.
  • Attach documents, email invoices and statements
  • Audit trails and customizable user security permissions.
  • Reporting across multi-locations and departments.
  •  Over 150 reports plus industry specific reports
  • Integration with other applications including QuickBase CRM (customer relationship management) for Sales Management and Project Management.
  • Industry Specifc Editions designed for your business - Manufacturers and Wholesalers; Contractor Edition; Nonprofit; Professional Services; Retail; Accountant
  • Estimates, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders - track back orders, sales orders, purchase orders
  • Time Entry attached to service fees for jobs, expense tracking, etc.
  • Payroll
  • Combine reports from multiple company files.
  • 30 custom fields for adding and tracking information
  • Fixed Asset Manager
  • EDI (electronic data interface)
  • Multi-user access (30 user maximum)
  • Multicurrency

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