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DataCraft, Inc. TimeCard Entry™ system

TimeCard Entry

Our TimeCard Entry™ system gives time back to your organization!


TimeCard Entry™ allows employees to directly enter their regular, overtime, vacation, sick, holiday, and other hours for any given workday onto a single data-entry screen. The collected employee timecard information is then available for transfer to your payroll processing and financial software. This eliminates the need for manual timesheets and duplicate data entry between employees and payroll personnel.

TimeCard Entry™ also allows your supervisors to print management reports and adjust timecards at the end of each pay period. When supervisors have completed their reviews, the timecard entries can be transferred directly into your payroll processing and financial software for check printing, direct deposit processing, and payroll tax reporting.

TimeCard Entry™ will easily interface with a variety of payroll processing and financial software packages. Please contact us to discuss how your organization can get time back with TimeCard Entry™.

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